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Pomona IPA 6.5%

Watershed IPA 6.7%

Animated Nature Black cherry Seltzer 5%

Lost Town Stout 5%

Lost Town Peanut Butter Stout 5%

Gratitude Saison 5%

Orange Creamsicle Milkshake IPA 6.5%

Boysenberry Raspberry Milkshake IPA 6.5%

Fruits of Labor Blackberry Sour 5%

Fruits of Labor Pomegranite Sour 5%

Clarity Pilsner 5.5%

Gone Fishin Kolsch 5.5%

Joyous Bourbon Stout 10.5%

One Last Good Time For All 6.5%


Pomona ipa 6.5%

Grapefruit and tangerine aromas and flavors.

Watershed IPA 6.7%

Packed full of citrus and tangerine notes as a result of some heavy dry hopping! 

Lost Town Stout 5%

Our dessert in a glass! This chocolate milk stout has been aged on a copious amount of chocolate nibs and Madagascar vanilla beans. Exceptionally smooth and pleasing, the blast of chocolate gives way to a bit of roast and nuttiness

Clarity Pilsner 5.5%

This light drinking pilsner comes in at 5% ABV and provides clean crisp flavors as a result of traditional German malts used to bring this beer to life! – Light Floral and Herbal – Clean and Crisp Malt, Dry  


Milkshake IPA 6.5%

the perfect balance of ripe boysenberry, raspberry and vanilla notes with added creaminess and rounded mouthfeel from lactose

Fruits of Labor Pomegranite Sour 5%

Crisp and refreshing with light Pomegranite flavors and aromas 

1939 Amber Ale 5.5%

Reddish-brown color with a soft body leading to earthy flavors and an herbal character. Finishes with a bit caramel 

 One Last Good Time For All IPA 6.5%

Classic west coast w/ citrus, pine and residual bitterness